GTM Custom Templates: how to think about building your own

Custom templates are a way to make tag management even more manageable and scalable. In a way GTM’s custom templates can seem very limited, since they’re built on a very restricted, sandboxed version of JavaScript. There’s much potential in custom templates, but it helps to think about the fundamentals of tag management when you start building your own custom template. In this post I’ll show you my thinking behind a custom template for a qualitative way of identifying visitors.

A Visual Leviathan: Hobbes’ Schizophrenic Writing

I have spent many hours of my life devoted to studying Thomas Hobbes’ book Leviathan. It was published in 1651 and is considered a starting point of modern political philosophy. It is a fascinating book, I even wrote a thesis on it, but one thing had always nagged me.

LEGO version of the AWS Snowmobile

The speed of information: from clay tablets to data trucks

What is the fastest way to transfer 100 petabytes to the cloud—that is to say, about 200 thousand times your laptop’s capacity? Who has that much information, you ask? Plenty of companies with years of digital documents, movie studios, government agencies, you name it. If you think your fiberoptic cable will help you out, think again. At this size and even with the fastest connection we are still talking multiple years of uploading data